Are Coffee Beans Edible?

What are coffee beans? They are actually the seed of the coffee fruit itself. Once the coffee plant is harvested, the fruit is stripped away to leave the raw green coffee bean itself. These are then roasted to give us the dark little beans that we know and love, which through grinding or brewing makes our favourite drink. But are coffee beans edible?

So, are coffee beans edible? Yes, they are and many people snack on them and use them to pick them up when they need a caffeine boost. However, there are some things you need to be aware of before you go snacking on them like a bag of crisp.

One benefit that people associate with drinking coffee is its antioxidant properties, whilst other food and drinks offer antioxidants coffee is a fantastic source of this. Undiluted in its natural form as a bean they are even richer in antioxidants than when turned into a cup of coffee.


There are also negatives to eating coffee beans. If you find drinking coffee gives you any negative side effects such as heartburn, or making you need the toilet more frequently. You may find that eating coffee beans makes this even worse.

Again, with this if you find that coffee really keeps you awake at night, you will find eating coffee beans does that even more so. This is down to the pure caffeine content. Caffeine is something that people are concerned with and you need to be aware of your caffeine levels when eating coffee beans.

The recommended maximum caffeine intake per day for an adult at present is around 400mg, this equates to roughly 4 cups of brewed coffee per day. Each bean equates to roughly 6mg per bean. So, if you are drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks throughout the day make sure you are aware of the amount of caffeine you are consuming if you decide to eat coffee beans too.

Long-term abuse of caffeine, will not only give you the shakes and a bad head, it can also cause liver damage, high blood pressure and addiction, so please be careful when monitoring your caffeine intake.

So, in conclusion, are coffee beans edible? Yes, they taste very nice, they are a great snack in moderation. However, please bear in mind that pro’s and cons of coffee are amplified with eating the coffee bean and keep an eye on your daily caffeine intake.

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