How coffee is good for you

How coffee is good for you

Countless times we hear how coffee is good for you. Albeit it is usually a coffee drinker that shares this revelation with you. But, what makes them think that what evidence is there to back it up and is it just hype to make us drink more coffee?

Coffee has many negative side effects from drinking, an increased urge to go to the toilet, headaches, not being able to sleep, etc. Whilst a lot of these can be attributed to excessive consumption, some can also be linked to any coffee intake.

There are also many positives, things that show how coffee is good for you. It is an anti-oxidant and has many redeeming qualities. First off the caffeine is great at keeping us alert and awake when we need it most. Secondly, there have been studies to suggest it can reduce the chances of liver disease and cancer along with cutting your risk of having a stroke.

Whilst these studies can’t be proved conclusively that coffee was the sole benefit, causing the lack of illness, it is highly regarded as being. Other factors can come into play such as how healthy the individual was who drank the coffee.


One thing that is for sure is regardless of whether it can reduce your risk of disease or life-threatening illness, you need to drink it in moderation. The recommended allowance of caffeine in the UK is currently 400mg per day. A rough guide to how much caffeine is in drinks is shown below. Please factor in anything else you consume in a day. If you eat coffee beans as a snack as discussed in our article on are coffee beans edible, then make sure you factor them in too.

  • one mug of filter coffee: 140mg
  • Singular mug of instant coffee: 100mg
  • one mug of tea: 75mg
  • Singular can of cola: 40mg
  • one 250ml can of energy drink: up to 80mg
  • bar of plain chocolate: less than 25mg
  • bar of milk chocolate: less than 10mg

As long as the coffee is consumed in moderation and you keep an eye on your daily caffeine intake it should be fine. There aren’t yet any direct factual ties to coffee drinking. But, we are getting there and as long as you stay safe it’s not a bad drink to like.

One final thought, if you are drinking coffee and want to be healthy. Make sure you are having the healthy options when ordering at your favourite local coffee shop. Make sure you are avoiding unhealthy versions, such as extra sugar, cream or unhealthy snacks on the side.