How many bars of pressure?

How many bars of pressure

Modern “Bean to Cup” Coffee Machines are often advertised as offering a certain level of steam pressure. This is used to force the hot water through the coffee “puck” to create a shot of espresso. Many styles of coffee use this as a basis. But how many bars of pressure is needed?

One bar of pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure at sea level. So clearly, the higher the number and the more pressure the machine can deliver equal a better coffee experience? Not really – the ideal amount of pressure to get that perfect coffee taste is 9 bars. However, in order to get the machine prepped to 9 bars and able to maintain that level of pressure you need something ideally with 15 bars of pressure.

So, when you are looking for a coffee machine look for something that offers 15 bars of pressure. This will adequately get your coffee machine up to the golden number of 9 bars. Some of the more expensive coffee machines actually come with a pressure gauge. This will let you know when your machine is up to pressure.

19 bars of pressure?

Manufacturers of lower specification coffee machines often advertise a high-pressure rating as a selling feature. This means it’s not hard to find cheap machines offering 19 bars of pressure. These will probably deliver a disappointing cup of coffee. Some manufacturers know that when people are buying their latest coffee machine, they will look at comparison tables. These tables as well as including key metrics like warranty, how many litres of water the machine holds, may feature pressure. They know that the casual buyer who hasn’t done their research will see the higher bars of pressure. Then look at the machine and think that theirs is best.

Like many things, it’s better to go for a reputable brand and model of coffee machine. Such as the Delonghi Magnifica. You will find that it will offer a much more consistent coffee experience in the long run.